Setting new benchmarks for quality and value, Landsail combines state of the art engineering with over 80 years experience in tyre manufacturing and pioneering technology.

Landsail is a Chinese tyre manufacturer that began mass production in 2009 when they were principally engaged in passenger and aircraft tyres. The factory’s China facilities cover an area of 9.6 million square feet with new factories in the process of being built. The brand is currently under expansion with factories going up in Thailand and most recently in North American at the end of 2018.

Landsail’s goal is to establish themselves as a world class tyre brand focusing on integrity, innovation, win-win business, diligence, and harmonious teamwork. Their core concept is to achieve sustainable development by innovation, talent, and excellent products and services. Under this concept and policy, Landsail introduced European leading tyre technology, adhering to the development of high-quality, eco-friendly products.

Landsail manufactures and sells tyres under the brandnames Landsail and Delinte. These brands include summer and winter tires, totaling 13 series and more than 400 specifications. The company has obtained 5 national invention patents, 2 national utility model patents, 15 national designs patents and 2 European Union design patents.

Landsail has been one of the leading companies in tyre production sector with ultra high-performance technology development and manufacturing processes. They run the first factory in China to produce tyres in the 20 series such as 315/20ZR30, and they are also the first manufacturer in the world to produce a mass capacity of SUV tyres in the size of 32 inches (305/25ZR32) for sale on the international market. Landsail have also developed ultra-quiet, green tyres which surpassed the B/B level set by EU labeling law in rolling resistance and wet-grip.

Landsail Aircraft Tyres

Landsail’s tyres are reaching new heights with the production of our first ever aircraft tyre. Their new tyres will be used on Boeing 737-600, 737-700, 737-800 and 737-900 aircrafts that have a maximum take-off speed of 362km/h. The tyres four wide vertical grooves provide optimum all weather performance, effectively preventing lateral water slide on wet runways. The unique tread formulation is reinforced with high abrasion resistance carbon black, for superior take off and landing efficiency.